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Sports Gambling Movies

Books · Humor & Entertainment · Puzzles & Games · Gambling; Sports. Avg. Customer Review. 4 Stars & Up & Up Movies, TV & Celebrities · IMDbPro. Get Info. from prison, ex-Footballer Ivo gets tangled up in making his way in the world of rigged sports betting and finding love with the mother of his protege player. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store.

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See more ideas about sports betting, betting, promotion. Tipbet - Online Sport Betting & Live Betting - With top odds Movie Posters. Movies. Flame of Barbary Coast is a American Western starring John Wayne, Ann Dvorak, Joseph Schildkraut, William Frawley, and Virginia Grey. The movie was. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store.

Sports Gambling Movies Movies partly about sports betting Video

Top 10 Gambling Movies

Pride, identity, and morality are just as important as cash. This fascinating portrayal of the psychology of bettors, combined with the explosive star power of Newman and Cruise, make The Color of Money worth your time.

Eight Men Out tells the story of one of the most famous controversies in sports history : The World Series. The film revolves around the eight Chicago White Sox players who received lifetime bans from the MLB for conspiring with an illicit gambling ring.

Despite being heavily favored, the Chicago White Sox threw the series and lost in 8 games. Many of the vilified White Sox players are treated as sympathetic figures, victims of powerful forces far beyond their control, and a young John Cusack and Charlie Sheen turn in terrific, measured performances.

This is a film that speaks to the need for regulation and integrity in both sports and sports betting. Eight Men Out clearly shows how much professional sports and sportsbooks have progressed over the last years.

Beth Rebecca Hall meets Dirk Bruce Willis and quickly learns that she has a tremendous aptitude for sports betting. The real-life Raymer went on to pursue an MFA from Columbia University and has dedicated her life to investigating and writing about legal gambling and sportsbooks.

She has a keen eye for personality types who choose to live entrenched in the uncertainty of sports betting. Lay the Favorite is a charitable, humanistic look at the unusual personalities and psychology of professional sports bettors.

They manage to hire a crew con-men and pull off the best and most authentic scam in movie history which uses a now-familiar past-posting technique in relation to the reporting of horse racing results.

The musical score by Scott Joplin arranged by Marvin Hamlisch sets the mood perfectly. Everything works to perfection in this film directed by the late George Roy Hill Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The World According to Garp.

Arguably could be number one on the list. This performance, among his very best, is often overlooked and largely forgotten by the critics and the public alike.

Caan plays a NewYork University professor hopelessly hooked by the thrills of living on the edge. He engages in all forms of gambling but gets into deepest trouble by sports betting.

The film shows his gradual self-destruction and psychological deterioration to the lowest depths of depravity. What makes this rarely-seen movie so special is just the right intensity Caan brings to a very demanding film role.

Every frown, grimace, and fist-pump is performed with just the right volume. Yet, for all his character flaws, Caan also manages to make us care to the point where we cheer for him.

But beneath the tight flashy shirts and wide collars, the script and film combine for an astonishingly powerful and accurate depiction of the pitfalls of compulsive gambling.

It also includes a number of humorous moments, where Caan goes to ridiculous extremes to get the latest sports scores this was long before ESPN, the Internet, and cell phones when scores were harder to come by.

Everything in this movie rings true. READ MY SCATHING REVIEW HERE. The Gambler deserves multiple film clips. Watch Caan pulverize the prickly bank teller, played by James Woods in one of his earliest film roles:.

The third scene is interesting because it shows the psychological high of compulsive gambling. Most films on the subject only show the downside. Watch the brilliantly filmed blackjack scene at Caesars Palace towards the end of this clip:.

Brilliantly written, perfectly filmed, and utterly believable from start to finish, the plot evokes meanings and messages right out of a Shakespeare tragedy.

Paul Newman plays a brassy young pool shark who desires to be the very best at the game. But George C. First, it showed the immensely popular Newman in a less than a heroic role.

Then, George C. Scott was also relatively unknown at the time and is critical to the plot. Moreover, The Hustler portrays gambling as it was in those days, a gritty vocation with immense personal risks and costs.

Perhaps what really makes this movie rise above all the rest are its immortal words and ideas. That might be the single most poignant message to remember for any gambler.

These movies are listed alphabetically:. The star moves from a small Midwestern town to Chicago to become a professional craps shooter, playing and winning in mob-run joints.

Yeah, right. Mind-numbing dullness. I have heavy personal baggage with this movie since I witnessed some of the atrocious business practices by the owners of the James Bond franchise.

Bond movies now have little to do with art and entertainment. Some critics liked this movie. Imagine the possibilities.

Instead, the usually wonderful William H. Macy plays the house iceman, and the plot inexplicably takes a darker twist. Filmed on location in Downtown Reno, which is supposed to substitute for the real Las Vegas.

That should tell you everything about its authenticity. Owen plays a casino roulette dealer. Perspectives are unusual in the sense that we see the casino subculture from the perspective of a dealer, rather than a player.

The most revealing scenes are those which capture the repetitive dullness of casino gambling over time, behind the allure of glitz and glamour.

Indeed, all that glitters is not gold. This movie is painful to watch. Laughingly bad in parts.

This film came close to making the Top 21 cut. Stars James Woods who deserves a lifetime achievement award for appearing in more films on my list than any other actor, except Paul Newman along with the Louis Gossett, Jr.

Decent, but nothing memorable. To be fair, there are a few hysterical scenes in this movie. But most of the film is a bore and a monumentally missed opportunity.

Note that just before this film came out, I contacted Christopher Guest to try and get him to do a spoof on the WSOP. He responded by noting that this film was already in production.

The end result is a huge disappointment. What kills the movie is the contrived movie set. It features a traveling boxer who rides box cars, considers coffee a meal, wears a duffel cap, you get the idea.

A movie about a hustler James Woods and a corrupt small town boss betting on a special boxing match.

The film keeps you guessing who is rigging what and who is scamming who and there are surprising plot twists and intrigues. This modern remake of the classic, which we review above, features the best cinematography and sleekest effects of any film on this list.

Mark Wahlberg has just as much screen presence as James Caan and John Goodman gives a star turn. This makes it impossible to relate to him or sympathies with the man as he deliberately steers his life into the gutter in order to punish himself out of guilt.

The sports betting plot comes from the gambler being a professor and convincing a star student athlete to shave points. I do think the film is better than the Rotten Tomatoes rating indicates and I definitely recommend it if you want to watch a film that really is all about gambling rather than having gambling as just one subplot.

Even Money is one of the higher quality flicks on this list though it is more like an anti-gambling cautionary tale. It is very well acted with Kim Basinger, Danny DeVito, Kelsey Grammer, Ray Liotta and Forest Whitaker.

Standard Hollywood treatment; degenerate sports bettor goes into debt with violent illegal bookie and almost loses his wife and job.

If you believed Hollywood you would think that is a prerequisite for betting on sports. This flick does have more likable characters than most of the others that follow the same formula though.

This is an interesting decent list. Post comment. With dozens of awards to its credit including an Oscar, this love story set in Philadelphia includes Robert De Niro as a man who takes the love for his team seriously and wagers more than he probably should.

Three gambling addicts are united in this detective tale of murder, chance, corruption and college basketball.

A star-studded cast delivers as the plot gets thicker and thicker until the final brutal twist. Pacino and McConaughey head an all-star cast as they team up to make millions through pro sports handicapping, but soon predictions come from the heart and not the head, and the business heads south.

Three inventive college students start up a successful bookie business but end up stepping on the toes of the local Italian mafia. Now, getting out of the business while staying on top will take them on a wild ride.

Jimmy dreams of becoming a big time New York stock trader. This boxing tale from Georgia follows an ex-convict scam artist who develops a ploy to earn millions by betting on one man to knock out 10 others in a row.

The bet of course is nowhere as innocent as it sounds. Richard Dreyfuss is a taxi driver experiencing something familiar to sports bettors — hopeful positivity in the most dire of circumstances.

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Join Reverso, it's free and fast! A tale of greed, deception, money, power, and murder occur between two best friends: a mafia enforcer and a casino executive, compete against each other over a gambling empire, and over a fast living and fast loving socialite. Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Robert De . 8/7/ · Movies about sports are everywhere from Field of Dreams to The beyerautosalvage.coms films where athletes overcome obstacles or build baseball diamonds on their farms so they can have a catch with Ray Liotta, there are many movies about betting on sports that often get overlooked.. These movies may not necessarily have high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, but they are entertaining and Author: Elisabeth Galina. 12/22/ · As a gambler myself, I have an affinity for gambling movies. I tend to love any movie in that space, even the bad ones. So to limit this post to five was tough, but hey, the show must go Duration: 2 min.

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Keine Ahnung ob es hier so etwas wie "Retail Sports Books" gibt. Sports betting topic is very popular not only in the movies. Two for the Money is somewhat light-hearted and is a fun take on the ambitious but bizarre characters in the sports betting industry. But Neuer Comeback missed out all the Hong Kong gambling movies they even have an own Fausto Masnada for this. Torres drops his gloves and lets Palmer Top Keno Numbers a shot which sends him to the mat and wins the tenth and final match. Home All Tags Designed by Elegant Themes Powered by WordPress. But you missed out all the Hong Kong gambling movies they even have an own genre for this. It does portray that addiction from gambling is real. Now, getting out of the business while staying on top will take them on a BinГ¤re Broker Vergleich ride. Hammerhead Hagan is the last fighter Palmer must fight. Please support this blog with your Toals Casino. Have you ever seen Mr. The Hustler? All rights reserved. Losing over a thousand dollars has them in a bind. Lang starts off doing a boring telemarketing job that seems to Eurolotto Zahlen getting him Yonkers Race Results, but his talents at picking winners in football matches get the attention of Walter Abrams, who helps him make it big as a handicapper. Gillon is trying to kill Gabriel and everything is over and the town is free and Gabriel and Palmer are rich. They all start jumping on board and start placing their bets. The plot hits a little too close to home given some current events. Mad Jack Sports (Sports Betting) Matthew Showell / Poker Listings (Poker) Philly Gambles (Philadelphia and Atlantic City Gambling Scene) Pokerati (Poker) Politico (Politics) Roger Ebert (Movie Reviews) The Daily Kos (Politics) The Hitchens Zone (Christopher Hitchens) The Onion (Satire) The Poker Telegraph (Blog and Podcasts). Gambling’s corrosive influence on sports has mostly been forgotten in the recent years, but Eight Men Out reminds us of its perils. The Color of Money (). Sports betting can be nerve-wracking, unpredictable and downright stressful, but not when you’re munching popcorn watching someone else go through it. Here’s our list of our Top 15 favorite betting films. Top Sports Betting Movies. Use the movie title to link to a full review of each of our Top 10 movies. A list of movies related to Gambling and/or poker. This list is made for the users of the Gaming community where you can find a lot of more Gambling related stuff (tools, reviews, entertainment, games, forums etc). Anyone familiar with sports betting and gambling also knows about hot and cold streaks and how people may believe in them just a bit too much. Let it Ride is an amazing movie about a cab driver who accidentally gets his hands on a great horse racing tip which he uses and makes a fortune at the track. Peek behind the counter and learn how sportsbooks operate. Combine that insider knowledge with why-didn't-I-think-of-that sports betting logic, and you have the. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Books · Humor & Entertainment · Puzzles & Games · Gambling; Sports. Avg. Customer Review. 4 Stars & Up & Up Movies, TV & Celebrities · IMDbPro. Get Info. See more ideas about sports betting, betting, promotion. Tipbet - Online Sport Betting & Live Betting - With top odds Movie Posters. Movies.
Sports Gambling Movies Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Add the first question. Bet offers a sportsbookwith an already impressive history. Euro Grand rights reserved.


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